I have been on the word press for a few years now and I thought today I should introduce myself. I am 40 years old woman married and mom to two wonderful girls. The pandemic took my job away like millions of other people around the world right now. I was a full-time physical therapist and I loved every bit of my job. But the pandemic also turned as a blessing as now I get to spend so much time with my with my wonderful girls which was otherwise impossible. I know in this pandemic we all have been trying to do our best to keep ourselves busy physically and mentally. It’s taking a toll on us and all of us are trying to cope with the best way we can. I want to talk a little bit about my girls my younger child she in the autism spectrum disorder. I’ve been told she’s a high functioning autistic child. It might surprise you but being a healthcare worker for 20 years I knew very little about autism probably because pediatric was not my specialization. I worked mainly with geriatric patients which I loved a lot. So what has my child done for me it cannot be expressed in words .Firstly I truly believe God has chosen me to be her mom so I take it as a great privilege to be her mom yes because she is truly a gift. Her ability has taught us to be more patient and that I say literally.As it is I am an older mom and it is understandable that I will be patient but I have now become patient beyond the words.The immense joy she has brought in our life. There’s a common joke in our family if we didn’t have her ,trust me we would be the most boring family on the block. She keeps us all on our toes and her sense of humor keeps us alive. There is not a single moment in our house which is boring anymore.This parenting is new for me and it’s a learning curve .Every day is learning new ways to approach her and I pray to God to guide me so that I can help her navigate the life by providing her all the resources to learn and become a responsible,independent person .I though pray each day the world gets a little kinder too.To be continued

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