Let it roll

Fresh from backyard container gardening

It’s a very common perception that when things are not going right people might be depressed. The fact might be different if the things are not going right maybe it is the time to reflect on what you have been missing so far. This is primarily for the people who have succumbed to this pandemic by losing their jobs. I know and understand financially it is a big loss for anyone. But it is not within our reach to change it. So what would you suggest a person in such a thing happens? From my personal experience I would say it’s the best time to look at the things you have always wanted to do and we’re not able to do because of your busy schedule. It might be a small thing like following “Marie Kondo’s”suggestion for clearing up the closet /your house and keeping only that much stuff which really brings you joy.I am a great fan of hers.

It’s also a time to decluttering your thoughts. Learn a new skill/hobby. Personally I learnt to sew. If I have to be really honest with you after my first child was born about 10 years ago I had taken private lessons of sewing but alas after that class I’ve never attempted to use the machine again ,not that I didn’t wanted to but I had no time. Now with so much time at hand I’m happy ,I learned how to sew again.

I’m also getting back to reading as well.Reading is my hobby and how much I wanted to read every night I was too exhausted and even before finishing two lines I would go to sleep. I’m glad I’m getting back to reading too.It bring immense joy to read.

Gardening has been a passion but as with other duties of being a mom,wife,physical therapist I was left with no energy to pursue it.But this time I got back to it and though all was completed in large containers still the joy to see the vegetables grown by ones hard work tast so much better.It takes you another level of relaxation.

Took me back to Kashmir valley,my lost homeland.

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